Materials Worklist

Many different
materials have been evaluated for strength, weight,
and porosity characteristics. Many different forms of ripstop nylon
were considered, although the weight and strength of these fabrics
became questionable before the testing phase of the material was
initiated. The ripstop seemed to strech if tugged on a diagonal bias,
and the coatings and impregnation of urethane and silicone didn't
have a tight enough structure to fully contain the helium. A wonderful
marvel of technology was found in Cuben Fiber. This stuff is super-light,
at .35 oz/yd it has a tear strength of 80 lbs/insq !!! It is formed from elongated strands of polyethylene- consider a six-pack ring. This is polyethylene, though it is loosely and randomly bunched into the structure and remains stretchable. If you took that material and stretch it out, it will form long thin strands of the polyethylene molecules connected end-to-end, and it is these molecular bonds that are the strength of the material. And it has the added bonus of a mylar layer laminated into the fabric (mylar is what is comonly used in helium balloons comercially available). Small samples have been received and tested using various seaming techniques and adhesives. Once i have more fabric I can build the test models which will serve as announcements and advertisements for the site and final event.


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