The time has come! As it looks now, Wednesday is the day. I will continue to monitor weather, which may change everything, but winds are expected to be calm, and it should be a beautiful day. I will post again tomorrow night for sure.

Anyone want to help me?

I am holding a meeting this afternoon, 4:00 in the Soundstage in Hasket Hall.
I will go over what I need help with and get some feedback from the group on a few things. Any help would be greatly appreciated- especially Tuesday night moving Helium tanks, and Wednesday manning the event.

give me a call for more info- 614 204 9274


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anthony- I am the reporter who interviewed you in Hopkins Hall. I am running a stroy about your flight tomorrow. I need to know if you plan on doing a lottery to select volunteers- I would also love a quote from someon who helped you- possibly katy? She seemed to be in the blog a lot- my email is ahtibatca@aol.com. . . .thank you

5/23/2006 4:51 PM  

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