still at it.....

Well its taking me much longer than I expected to get the form happening...
this is where I'm at in C4D, still unable to unwrap the object to form
my panel sections. The Small balloon has been flying for five days now, and still full of helium-
though a bit has leaked, not enough for it to drop. I'll try to upload video.


Design Matters

I have realized through testing that my leaks are all happening in the seams of the balloon.
My model, on which I am basing my panel templates, was made by hand and has imperfections
that are multiplied when the form is scaled up. Therefore, the little dips in the edges create
creases, bunching, and leaks. So, I am now developing the model in 3d in AutoCAD. Soon to come-
A small test balloon, that will autonomously roam a space, indoors, and will use a wireless camera
to give viewers the sensation of floating about.


Considering OPtions

I have run into some issues with the balloon construction- at this point I am questioning the feasability of the project. Roughly five months to the event as I'd planned it. The main problems are in the balloon structure and its ability to hold pressure. A small five-foot prototype was tested and proved that somewhere in the seaming pressure was leaking out. Also, the fabric, which is totally strong under tension, is not so strong under pressure. A slight bump into a sharp piece of wood
sliced a hole neatly into the surface. However, the tear did not run, it was contained
and the pressure only slowly drained out. So sharp objects are to be avoided. This shouldn't be an issue, but the final fabric might be one layer thicker than what I'm testing.
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