What an amazing experience! The day was long and intense as we started at about 7 AM and gave the last ride at about 9 PM.
We had about one hundred participants that soared through the air, laughing, shouting, posing like superheroes, and
dancing through space. Many thank yous and lots of questions and conversations. Here are just two images....soon to be expended, but for the thesis i need now to write.



Its happening! We've been at it since early this morning. Everything is working
great, the winds have been low and managable, and everyone is having a great time.
Lots going on now....I have just a sec to get a few images up-



The time has come! As it looks now, Wednesday is the day. I will continue to monitor weather, which may change everything, but winds are expected to be calm, and it should be a beautiful day. I will post again tomorrow night for sure.

Anyone want to help me?

I am holding a meeting this afternoon, 4:00 in the Soundstage in Hasket Hall.
I will go over what I need help with and get some feedback from the group on a few things. Any help would be greatly appreciated- especially Tuesday night moving Helium tanks, and Wednesday manning the event.

give me a call for more info- 614 204 9274


Small Balloons

Here is a short video of the small balloons in the Gallery


Less than a Week

Next wednesday I am set to do this. I can't believe it is really happening. It is always weird to me to see time progress- I remember the first thoughts of this project
and my projection of what it might become, or how. It is always so different.
I can't wait to feel myself moving through space, and seeing the treetops from a different vantage point. I spoke with an agent of the FAA today, everything is in check as I thought. All aprovals have been granted and we're ready to go.!!!!!!!!!!

Forgot to mention the show last week. It went well! Lots of good feedback.
Here is a picture.....


Some links to check out


sixty hours...

Special thanks to Tim Elverston of Windfire Designs and Katy Lemle!



The past week has flown by. I remember the stages faintly, but it seems the only thing that's real is the final balloon.
Tim flew in last Wednesday, and we had many late nights sewing and cutting away. Before he arrived I was very
flustered at the first attempt to sew a short run of the Cuben. Then Katy and I layed out the material and
began marking and cutting, and I wondered if it would ever come out straight. It did! The balloon is complete, save a few seams
that need to be sealed, and some harness re-working. The picture above was taken inside the balloon.

So much has happened...I have been meeting lots of people at various departments on campus, getting all the necessary approvals for the balloon flight. So far its happening on the South Oval of OSU's Campus, one of three days: May 24, 25, 26.
The weather will determine which one it is depending on wind. I will use this page and my website to keep updates on the happening, down to the wire the day of flight!

Still working on some sort of lottery system to limit the people, as there will only be a max of 40 possibilities in one day-
Time Lapse of the Construction to come!

check www.acastronovo.com for more pics+
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