I just remembered my dream from this morning. I was flying over the trees of Eastern Canada, somewhere north of Montreal
in the mountains. I had some kind of engines in my hand that propelled me. I cant remember exactly, but i think they were like pieces of flat plastic, like fly swatters. They pulled me through the air and I soared up and down over lush green pines and crunchy yellow-brown tundra ground. I looked to the side and saw deer and a bear grazing, the silent engines let me go un-noticed. I was so happy to be there, it was the most beautiful thing. Low in the valleys all the streams converged to form deep
blue pools, elongated lakes with emerald edges around the perimiter. Suddenly I came upon a large building sort of like a big,
modern university building with light, tan, concrete exterior and no windows. It was unavoidable and I was sort of pulled toward it. There was a strange vortex current there, and I really struggled to pull myself up and out of its draft. It was very disorienting
and I was spinning and changing directions a lot. Finally I was able to escape and flew up and over the building and back into
the trees.
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